Becoming The Ghost

Album: Dear Elsa, I Never Told You... (2010)

Song: You Learn The Hard Way

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Becoming The Ghost is a 4 piece alternative rock band, based out of Central New Jersey. This unlikely mix of musicians, though at first working independently, joined forces in 2010, out of necessity to further themselves as musicians, thus creating a pseudo "super-group" of musicians from the infamous New Jersey scene. Collectively, members have opened for national acts such as The Offspring, E-Town Concrete, Soul Fly, Bedlight for Blue Eyes, Murphy's Law, The Wailers, and many others. Members have also been featured on Van's Warped Tour '07 and '09. The band includes: the soulful vocals of Tam Garcia, the syncopated percussion of Byron Lapola, the laid back bass of Tommy Farley, with Milan Lazistan bringing back the rootsy blues sounds of electric guitar.
Daring to not stick with one specific genre, this band is creating a fresh sound, and defining a new era of "feel-good" alternative rock, fusing rock and blues, with an array of ambient soul, and elements of jazz, to create one sound.
Currently Becoming The Ghost is recording their first full-length album, to be titled ".Just a Shell", at BandE Studios, with drummer/producer Byron at the helm. The album is aiming to be released in early 2011. At the moment, they're promoting their 7 song EP, titled "Dear Elsa, I Never Told You." and are preparing to tour in support.